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Experience Relief from Neck Pain with TENS Therapy

Unlock the Power of TENS for Neck Pain Relief

Experiencing neck pain? You're not alone. Millions struggle with neck discomfort daily, often exacerbated by poor seating. At Dopps Chiropractic, we understand the importance of finding the right support for your neck. That's why we've curated a list of the best recliners designed to alleviate neck pain, combining comfort with chiropractic insights.

What is TENS Therapy?

TENS therapy uses a small, portable device that sends electrical impulses through the skin to help relieve pain. It's a safe, non-pharmacological method that can significantly reduce acute and chronic neck pain by:

  • Stimulating nerves to reduce pain signals sent to the brain

  • Increasing endorphin levels, the body's natural painkillers

  • Improving blood circulation to the affected area

Visit our website at Dopps Chiropractic in Overland Park, Kansas to explore our services and schedule your consultation. Embrace a life free from neck pain with the help of TENS therapy and the comprehensive care at Dopps Chiropractic.

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Choosing the Right TENS Unit

With various models available, selecting the right TENS unit is crucial for effective pain management. Our experts at Dopps Chiropractic will guide you through:

The features and settings best suited for neck pain relief

How to use the device safely for maximum benefit

Tips for integrating TENS therapy into your daily pain management routine

Benefits of TENS for Neck Pain

Non-Invasive Relief:
No surgery or medication required

Customizable Treatment: Adjust intensity levels to suit your comfort

Portable Convenience: Use the device at home, work, or on the go

Complementary Therapy: Integrates seamlessly with chiropractic care

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"Dr. Dopps is professional, knowledgeable, and respectful. The staff is friendly and timely. Since visiting Dr. Dopps, my spine curvature has decreased, my pain has lessened, and my understanding of how to help my body heal has increased. He takes the time to understand the problem and is willing to try various methods to help his patients. It's always easy to schedule or reschedule, and the location is accessible. Highly recommend Dopps Chiropractic for anyone seeking relief and wellness."

– Satisfied Patient

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Dr. Rory Dopps

Meet Dr. Rory Dopps

Dr. Rory Dopps has been serving the community with high-quality chiropractic care for several years. His passion for wellness and commitment to his patients has made him a sought-after professional in Overland Park, Kansas. Specializing in a variety of conditions, he utilizes innovative chiropractic techniques to enhance overall health.


As part of his commitment to patient education, Dr. Dopps is offering a free ebook, "The Spine Blueprint", filled with valuable insights for maintaining a healthy spine. Sign up today to start your journey to optimal wellness.

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