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Tech Neck: How Poor Posture While Working on a Laptop Can Impact Your Spine and Cause Neuropathy

Updated: May 8, 2023

A person applying proper posture techniques while working on a laptop, following Dopps Chiropractic's advice to minimize the risk of spinal issues and neuropathy related to 'tech neck'.
A person working on a laptop with poor posture, demonstrating the common problem of 'tech neck' and its potential impact on the spine and overall health.

As the use of laptops and other technology becomes increasingly prevalent in the modern workplace, it's important to consider the impact that our work habits can have on our posture and overall health. One common issue that can arise when working on a laptop is "tech neck," a term used to describe the poor posture that results from spending long periods of time looking down at a laptop while sitting in a reclined position.

The dangers of tech neck are numerous. When we sit in a reclined position and look down at our laptops, the weight of our head is forced forward, which puts extra strain on the neck and upper back. In fact, for every inch that the head is tilted forward, the weight on the neck increases by 10 pounds. This can lead to spinal cord ischemia, a reduction in blood flow to the spinal cord, as well as degenerative joint and disc disease. In addition to these issues, tech neck can also cause numbness and tingling in the fingers and hands, as well as other symptoms of neuropathy.

To avoid the negative effects of tech neck, it's important to set up a proper workspace at home. This might include using a desk or table and a good quality desk chair that provides proper lumbar support and is adjustable to your height. By using a desk chair with these features, you can maintain proper posture and reduce strain on your neck and back. Additionally, it's a good idea to take frequent breaks to stretch and move around, and to ensure that the screen is at eye level to avoid the need to tilt the head down.

If you're experiencing numbness, tingling, or other symptoms of neuropathy as a result of tech neck, we recommend trying our Neuropathy Protocol from our virtual dispensary. This protocol, which includes a combination of supplements and lifestyle recommendations, is designed to support healthy nerve function and reduce the symptoms of neuropathy.

In conclusion, tech neck is a common problem for people working from home on their laptops, but it's one that can be easily avoided with proper posture and ergonomic setup. By taking care of our bodies while working from home, and by using protocols like our Neuropathy Protocol to support healthy nerve function, we can maintain good spinal health and avoid the negative effects of tech neck.

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